Ready to Go

Final Pre-run photos are now posted, look below. As of this past weekend, the roads were mostly hard pack snow and ice, with several sections of dry gravel, wet gravel, powdered snow cover, and mud. The weather looks to be warm for a couple of days and then below freezing for the rest of the week with more snowfall potential before the weekend. There are snowbanks everywhere. Many of them are big.

The route has been finalized, one of our regular favorite sections of road is completely impassible due to deep snow. On the bright side, we have several completely new stages that have never been run before at the Gnu, and they look great :). The total event mileage will cover approximately 525 km, and take approximately 9.5 hours from start to banquet. Prepare for a long day.

We are set to break the entry record, and may even hit our limit of 30 cars. We are currently at 27 entries, quite exciting.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday.