We went out on Sunday for our final route check of the this years Trail of the Gnu. The conditions are really good, some may describe them as challenging. We would like to say fun and entertaining.

With that being said, we cannot stress enough the importance of having proper tires. Doubly important for our 2wd competitors. We would go as far and say for the 2wds is to pack some chains.

The conditions at the Gnu are notorious for changing in the final week leading up to the event. What we saw on Sunday can and most likely will change for this Saturday. Will it change for the better? For worse? Either is possible. And most likely both will happen.

On all the gravel roads it was 100% snow coverage. Some areas were quite deep. We had snow coming up over the hood. Some areas just a little, but deceiving. With what was revealed upon walk was a skating rink. Uphill. Check out the photos below.

So in a way this could be post could be looked at as a Trail of the Gnu Public Service Announcement. Come prepared. It will make your day far more enjoyable.

See you Saturday!