Trail of the Gnu Competitor's Bulletin

Hello Gnu 2012 Competitors,

This bulletin is to advise of a few important items ahead of Saturday's TSD rally.

-The novice seminar has been canceled (was originally scheduled for this evening at the CSCC building).

-The Official Steward of the Trail of the Gnu is Alex Schubel of BC.

-The Trail of the Gnu 2012 will be scored with Winter Scoring. Details will be covered during the driver's meeting before the start of the event. Similar to last year, the intent of this scoring system is to prevent the need to drive unreasonably quick to get back on time if you are late for whatever reason. The scoring system will assess the full late points at the first check point you pass if you are behind schedule, but will then open a larger penalty-free grace window between 'on time' and '10 seconds closer to on time then you were at the last check point'.

-The driver of the sweep truck is a long time Gnu volunteer. It is fully appropriate to purchase him alcoholic beverages at the end of rally banquet, especially if his extrication services were solicited by yourself during the running of the event. Also, please avoid the need to use his extrication services. Remember, staying on the road first is first priority, then worry about staying on route, or keeping on time.

Finally, drive safe everyone, and we'll see you at Rocky Mountain House on Saturday Morning!
If you need to get in touch or have any questions, our contact info is as follows:
Eric Grochowski,, 403-808-2710 cell.
Kris Schofield,, 403-466-5747 cell.

The Trail of the Gnu.